Ok, so you want to know about me.  Well I am not a chef, but I am a VERY good cook.  I love to cook; I love to present my masterpieces on stunning china.  I love to set the table in the correct way. 

I think that QUALITY food is so important and we need to make an occasion of each time we eat. Sitting around the table and talking, eating slowly and enjoying the company and the food – you know the sort thing, just chilling for a while - Not just slapping something mediocre on a plate bought from the 7 Eleven or the local supermarket and sitting in front of the TV not even aware of what we are eating.

At a very early age I came to appreciate food.  I can thank my Grandparents for that.

My Grandfather was a Master Baker and taught me how to bake cakes, breads, pastries, pies etc My Grandmother - how to make jams, preserves, pickles and everyday slow cooks – how to cook meats, veggies, make incredible sauces and gravies.  Both of them also taught me how to make things like, Elderberry wine, Ginger Wine, Parsnip Wine.

They grew their own fruits and veggies of every kind, had chickens, pigs, rabbits – I think you get the picture, need I go on?  A lifestyle that few today could envisage, some crave and a lucky few achieve.

This site is one of many I am and have put together; to share some of my knowledge and recipes I have collected over the years. 

I know so many of you believe in making from scratch many of the things we eat, cake and frostings being one of them.  You appreciate just how important this is to the health of your family – Congratulations!

May each of your Masterpieces be enjoyed by many and may you stand proud and tall in the knowledge that you are a GREAT COOK!

Lets return to QUALITY FOOD and the enjoyment of cooking for your family.  Also please  pass on your skills to your children and grandchildren – let’s start a wave around the world of those who know how to cook everything from scratch!